/// Yamalube Basics


Decades ago, when Yamaha engines began rolling off the line, our engineers followed the common practice of recommending 'off-the-shelf' oils. While they were readily accessible, experience soon showed that these oils didn't live up to our engineers' high standards for protection and performance. In fact, using them sometimes resulted in shorter engine life. Yamaha customers deserve better than that, and our engineers set out to give them the best. An exceptional oil product was developed, incorporating the finest ingredients. The result is Yamalube-precisely formulated to enhance the performance of Yamaha vehicles, and offer unmatched protection against wear and tear.


Yamalube is developed by the same team that designs and tests Yamaha engines. Our engineers have access to proprietary specifications. Their formulations are engine- and application-specific. They select only the finest ingredients and tap into the latest lubrication technology. They extensively test each formulation, both in the lab and in the field. The result is the only line of oils that lives up to Yamaha's stringent standards for quality and performance. This same strategy and attention to detail carries over to our other Yamalube products.