Customer Service

How can I get a replacement key for my Yamaha?
Replacement key blanks can be ordered through any authorised dealer by providing your model and key number. Cut keys cannot be ordered from Yamaha and a locksmith will require your cut key and a blank for your model to make a copy.
How can I change my name/address in Yamaha's warranty system?
Visit any authorized Yamaha dealer and complete a change of address form. The form can be printed from the Yamaha Dealer System (YDS).
How can I change the language of documents sent to me?
Please fax Yamaha with your proof of registration and indicate your language preference. Our fax number is 416-495-2091.
How can I have my name removed from your mailing list?
To be removed from our mailing list, please fax Yamaha at 416-495-2091 with proof or registration and reason. Note that you will then be missing out on valuable information!
How do I know if I qualify for Yamaha promotional items?
Check with a dealer and/or call Yamaha with your model and serial number.
What should I do if my Yamaha is stolen?
Contact your local police department and notify us by fax with proof of ownership. The number to fax is 416-495-2091. Please address your fax to the attention of the Customer Relations Department.

Product Warranty, Service and Maintenance

Does Yamaha offer extended service?
Yes! Yamaha offers Yamaha Protection Plus for most of our products. Visit an authorized dealer to learn about the Yamaha Protection Plus program.
Is the first service check covered under warranty?
No, the first service check is the customer's responsibility. For more information, please refer to the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.
What should I do if my Yamaha is making what seems to be an abnormal noise?
Have your Yamaha inspected by a factory trained technician. In some cases, the noise may be a normal characteristic of your particular model.
How can I find out when a backordered part will arrive?
Contact your dealer or Yamaha directly. Please be sure to have the complete part number handy before calling.
How Can I Appeal a Warranty Decision
Warranty appeals can be made through your dealer or by contacting Yamaha directly by e-mail or by phone. Before e-mailing or calling, please be sure to have your complete model code and VIN # to ensure prompt service. 

Head Office 
(416) 498-1911
How do I know if there is an outstanding recall on my unit?
Visit any authorized Yamaha dealer with your complete model and serial number.
Where can I get touch-up paint for my Yamaha?
Visit www.colorrite.com/ for information.
Where can I find technical publications for my Yamaha?
Visit any authorized Yamaha dealer. To ensure the fastest possible service, be sure to have your complete model and serial number handy.
What should I do to prepare my Yamaha for storage?
Your Yamaha should be prepared for storage by a factory trained Yamaha technician. For details, please see your authorized dealer.