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Lubrication Warranty

This limited engine lubrication warranty covers registered customers from engine failure as a result of engine oil failure. It will cover 'oil wetted' parts and the labour required to replace them. This coverage is free providing all requirements set out by the Yamalube Advantage Warranty are followed.

To qualify for the Yamalube Advantage your Yamaha must be serviced within the time and mileage according to Yamaha's factory recommended intervals. Your Yamaha must be serviced using Yamalube oil and a Genuine Yamaha oil filter. Yamaha will provide an allowance of up to 10% over the mileage interval, or time interval provided.

Your Yamaha does not have to be serviced by the dealer. If you prefer to complete the maintenance yourself you can utilize a Yamalube Oil Change Kit, just ensure you always keep your receipts!

*Review complete terms and conditions for full details or visit your local Yamaha dealer.

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