Celebrating Yamaha Day

June 23, 2021
ART has long been the purist expression of human imagination. Creating ART channels what’s in our minds and hearts into physical objects that can be shared. At Yamaha, we consider our products pieces of ART offering humans a way to experience joy and excitement in their lives.

On July 1, Yamaha companies across the globe mark Yamaha Day, the birthday of Yamaha. Here in Canada, it happens to coincide with the birth of our nation – and what better way to celebrate all this country has to offer than in its vast and beautiful outdoors with your Yamaha? Two birds, one stone!

Yamaha Day started in 2017 with the goal to connect Yamaha Motor and Yamaha Music through their shared passion for the Yamaha brand. The theme for this year’s celebration is “ART for Human Possibilities – Let’s Strive for Greater Happiness,” which is Yamaha’s 2030 Long Term Vision. This year, we celebrate how ART unlocks a better, brighter future through innovation and creativity, opening the door through the power of possibility.

On Yamaha Day we invite employees, dealers, customers and all Canadians to celebrate all of the amazing opportunities to truly enjoy life on our own and with our loved ones. We at Yamaha are continually striving to provide these opportunities, and not just to Yamaha owners! This is why we started Yamaha Motor Adventures at Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka, Ontario – to allow new, existing and returning riders the chance to experience the thrill of riding in the dirt and snow; to experience how Yamaha Revs Your Heart.

Curious to learn more?

To help you understand “What is ART?”, watch this short video from Yamaha Motor Corporation:

To see what Yamaha Motor Adventures has to offer, watch this from Yamaha Motor Canada: