Pro Tips


June 7, 2021
Sam Calautti
Manager, Business Development
Yamaha Financial Services

I clearly remember the day I decided a motorcycle needed to be a part of my life. Naturally a touch impulsive, I immediately started rifling through the classifieds not knowing much more than the style and colour of bike I liked.

I found something matching this description and was convinced it was the best bike ever. But the reality did not match the dream. The tires were like cracked eggshells and offered very little grip, the suspension felt like putting a spoon in a tub of yogurt, and it had as much power as a lawnmower running on water. Truth be told, it was a dud! I’m lucky I’m still riding today given that first experience. And how did I end up there? Quite simply, I didn’t buy from a dealer.

Authorized dealers offer a lot for both first-time and seasoned outdoor recreation enthusiasts. I’ve put together a shortlist of five reasons why you should visit one for your next purchase.


#1: Knowledge & Experience

When you buy from a dealer, you benefit from their collective experience using the product you're interested in – and you better believe it’s a lot! A vast majority of powersports and marine dealers are working in this business because they are enthusiasts too. Whether you’re new to the sport or not (but especially if you are), going to an industry expert for your purchase offers the best chance at finding the perfect fit for you, your budget and your planned usage. In addition, your dealer will provide a thorough orientation to your new vehicle before you take it home, providing you an opportunity to ask questions. You simply won’t find this level of expertise and service in the private space, and it’s paired with a vested interest in YOU.

#2: Invested in Your Enjoyment

A private seller is taking a couple of photos on a Smartphone, posting it through an app and trying to get your money in their wallet, hoping to never see you again. A dealer, on the other hand, wants you to have the best possible experience, both in the showroom and out on the water, dirt, road or snow. Sure, it’s their business, but you benefit from that as well. You are an addition to their community of enthusiasts and they're sincerely excited to see you take part in the growth of the sport. They’re also a great resource for tips and advice on local riding groups and trails, pointing you in the direction of that twisty road or stunningly scenic bay at the local lake.


#3: Factory-backed Warranty

Of course, we don’t want to think of the “what if" but not planning for it could leave you and your vehicle sidelined – and what’s the enjoyment in that? Warranty offers peace of mind for the unexpected. When you buy from a dealer you can protect your new product with the best possible coverage: a warranty backed by the same company that made your product!

#4: Exclusive Programs & Incentives

Not only do dealers have the latest and greatest when it comes to inventory, they also have access to exclusive retail incentives and finance programs not found anywhere else! As I mentioned in another blog post, To Finance Or Not To Finance, it’s smart use of your money to take advantage of special finance programs available at dealerships instead of using bank products like a line of credit. Dealers want to build a long-term relationship with the customers they serve. They will put the same effort into matching you with the right loan that makes the best use of your money as they will matching you with the right product for your adventures!


#5: Support Local

Buying from a dealer supports not only the community of enthusiasts they serve but the broader community as well. Walk into a dealership and you’re likely to see pictures of a local softball team they sponsor, a thank you plaque from a local charity they support or a high school student working the floor for co-op credits. These all form the backbone small and large communities alike, so supporting a local dealer with your business is indirectly supporting your neighbourhood.

So, the next time you are in the market for a vehicle to enjoy, either on your own or with your loved ones alongside you, talk to an expert and make sure you’re not getting a dud like I did. Talk to your local dealer. You will not be disappointed!