Snowmobile FAQ

Please see below for information concerning Yamaha Motor Co, Ltd.’s eventual withdrawal from the snowmobile market.

Why is Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd Japan (YMC), exiting the snowmobile market?
After careful consideration, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. regretfully made the business decision to focus on higher volume product groups and increase investment in identified growth markets.
How long will Yamaha Motor continue selling snowmobiles?
The 2025 model year will be the last year of Yamaha snowmobile sales in North America. The season will follow the traditional snowmobile schedule through the winter of 2024, at which point there will NOT be a 2026 model year Spring Power Surge.

Where does a customer get their Yamaha snowmobile serviced?
Yamaha dealers will continue to provide service and parts for Yamaha snowmobiles.

How long will Yamaha supply parts for current or future year Yamaha snowmobiles?
Yamaha Motor is committed to an advanced parts procurement to supply customer demands for years to come.
What about existing deposits for Spring Power Surge?
There is no change to the 2024MY Spring Power Surge. 2024MY deliveries are scheduled to start in the fall of 2023.
How will Yamaha handle warranty fulfillment, either factory or extended?
Yamaha will honour all warranty for the entire term period which was agreed upon at time of purchase.

Will Yamaha ever get back into the snowmobile business?
With this decision, there are no future plans to return to the snowmobile business.

How is Yamaha supporting their dealers during this transition?
Each dealer’s business situation is unique. Yamaha will work with dealers to best position each dealer for continued success in the next 24 – 36 months while focusing on existing product groups and expansion of new opportunities.

How is Yamaha supporting their customers during this transition?
Yamaha’s direction is to continue offering sales, service, parts and warranty up to and including the 2025 model year line of snowmobiles. Current customers can expect the same level of customer support they have traditionally received.

Will Yamaha continue to offer industry support and attend snowmobile events and consumer shows?
Promotional activities are reviewed, planned and budgeted for annually. Yamaha will make decisions about support for these activities on an individual basis.

If you did not find an answer to the question you were looking for, please contact your dealer or Yamaha Motor Canada’s Customer Relations team at (416) 498-1911.