Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!


Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!



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Engineered by Yamaha for your Yamaha

When it comes to Yamaha, it's all about the engine. And when it comes to the engine, it's all about performance. So whether you prefer the track, trail, highway, water or snow, choose oil and care products specifically formulated to enhance the performance of your Yamaha engine - Yamalube and Yamalube Care Products.

Don't Just Change Your Oil, Change Your Experience

Yamalube oils, Lubricants and Care Products have been proven to enhance performance, lower ownership costs and lengthen the lives of Yamaha Motors. Give our entire line a test drive, and we think you'll find you've changed more than your oil; you've changed your entire experience.

The Brand Behind Every Reliable Engine

Reliability may start with a Yamaha, but it's sustained with Yamalube and Yamalube Care Products. Our oils are strategically engineered with unique additive packages to combat the effects of extreme temperatures, moisture, ethanol, grime and the elements. Defend your engine with the high-performance protection of Yamalube.

The Formula for Performance

Yamaha is in constant pursuit of a more reliable, exhilarating experience for its customers - on the track, trail, highway, water or snow. As our vehicles and engines evolve, only one line of care products will be able to keep up - Yamalube. Our lineup includes lubricants, quality care products, maintenance products, fork oils, fuel additives and adhesives. And it's all colour coded, taking the guesswork out of caring for your Yamaha. For high performance, long life and one of the world's most reliable rides, count on Yamaha and Yamalube Care Products.