Yamaha Motorcycle Power Tour


What do I wear to a motorcycle demo?

DOT or ECE approved helmet, eye protection, jacket, gloves, pants and appropriate foot wear is required by all riders and passengers


Will any equipment be provided at the demo?

All demo ride participants must supply & wear their own protective equipment


How old do I have to be to participate in the demo?

All riders and passengers must be minimum 18 years of age or older


What are the rules of the demo ride?

  • All riders must stay in the staggered formation behind the lead rider ? no side by side riding
  • Do not weave back and forth in your lane
  • Absolutely no passing at any time
  • All riders must obey all traffic laws. Failure to do so will result in immediate end of demo ride


What if I really want to try a specific model that is not on the fleet?

Please contact the participating dealer as they may be able to arrange the desired model


Can I use a GoPro and record my demo ride experience?

The use of any recording device, audio or video, ?Bluetooth helmet? will be prohibited when operating any Yamaha product unless express consent is provided by Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. The use of any such equipment, is considered a distraction and may not be used during the operation of any Yamaha product.