2020 Manufactures Sneak Peek tour!


2020 Manufactures Sneak Peek tour!


Yamaha Riding Academy

/// Overview

One of the greatest off road adventures can be the fun and exhilaration you have riding a Yamaha TTR or PW safely, competently and to its full potential.

All YRA courses use one of our youth off-road motorcycles which include; TT-R110, TT-R50 and PW50. You can get full details and specifications at Yamaha Canada's web site (Motorcycles/Off road recreation 2-stroke and Off road recreation 4-stroke categories).

Parent must be present for introduction, waiver sign in, participation and completion of all YRA courses. Each participant will be required to sign a waiver that they understand the risks and accept the consequences of their actions. As all the participants are considered minor under Canadian law, a parent must be present, and witness the waiver form at the time of riding in the presence of the YRA instructors.