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RELIABILITY STARTS HERE - Boat Show Bonus - (Outboard)
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RELIABILITY STARTS HERE - Boat Show Bonus - (Outboard)

From January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019.
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This offer is limited and subject to change without notice.
Some conditions apply. See your participating dealer for complete details.
* Offer valid on new, unused 4-stroke Yamaha outboards. Total rebate dependent on model selected.
† YPP: Yamaha Protection Plus extended warranty program. Value based on M.S.R.P.
^ BOAT SHOW BONUS - until March 31, 2018. Customer must place a deposit on the purchase of an eligible unit by March 31, 2019, and take delivery by May 31, 2019.
** Kit A includes: 703 STD Side Mount, Command Link Tachometer, Wiring Kit (single gauge), Shift & Throttle Cables (qty 2)
** Kit B includes: 703 STD Side Mount, Command Link Tach & Speedo, Wiring Kit (twin gauge), Shift & Throttle Cables (qty 2)
OAC, some restrictions may apply, see dealer for details, model may not be exactly as shown

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Complete Folding Anchor System Image
Complete Folding Anchor System
Large Anchor Image
Large Anchor
Boat Sand Stake Kit Image
Boat Sand Stake Kit
Small Anchor Image
Small Anchor
Soft-Style Anchor Image
Soft-Style Anchor
AIRHEAD Self-Centering Tow Harness Image
AIRHEAD Self-Centering Tow Harness
AIRHEAD Kwik-Connect Image
AIRHEAD Kwik-Connect
AIRHEAD 12' Demon Harness Tow Rope Image
AIRHEAD 12' Demon Harness Tow Rope
AIRHEAD 6' Bungee Dock Line Image
AIRHEAD 6' Bungee Dock Line
15' Dock Line Image
15' Dock Line
15' Dock Line Image
15' Dock Line
15' Dock Line Image
15' Dock Line

The Act provides a warranty on the goods you purchase or lease : they must be usable for normal use for a reasonable length of time.
The Consumer Protection Act gives a warranty on all goods you purchase or lease from a merchant.

The goods must be useable:

  • For the purposes for which they are ordinarily used (section 37 of the Act) and
  • In normal use for a reasonable length of time, which may vary according to the price paid, the terms of the contract and the conditions of use (section 38 of the Act).
For more information on this legal warranty, go to the website of the Office de la protection du comsommateur at

Most Yamahas are protected by a factory warranty, but you may want a little extra peace of mind. We Get You.

No one offers superior engineering, style and performance like Yamaha. That´s why we stand behind our products with the industry´s best warranty coverage and our own extended coverage plan, Yamaha Protection Plus (YPP).

Select your term:

YPP gives you the option to extend your factory warranty, depending on your product and requirements (some purchases may not be eligible for YPP). Combined with Yamaha's unsurpassed reputation for reliability, YPP provides you with the peace of mind and protection you deserve.


While other plans bog you down in the details, factory-backed YPP gives you bulletproof protection from the unexpected. And it's as simple to use and understand as your Yamaha factory warranty.


YPP is there whether your repair is a few dollars or a few thousand.


Under YPP, Yamaha picks up the entire cost to repair every applicable manufacturing defect.


YPP takes over automatically - and immediately - when your factory warranty expires.


Your YPP warranty is transferable, increasing the value of your Yamaha if you decide to sell or trade.


Since we already know your Yamaha, there's no need for you to fill out lengthy claim forms. Your YPP information is available at every authorized Yamaha dealer across Canada.


Purchase years of YPP coverage at a fraction of what a single major repair costs. You can also use the Yamaha Financial Services program to finance this coverage.


Yamaha is ready to step in to make necessary repairs (excluding those due to normal wear or aging) using genuine Yamaha parts and factory authorized technicians for the full duration of your coverage.

  • YPP Details & Restrictions

    /// YPP for Outboard Motor

    Yamaha Protection Plus coverage for outboard motors extends the factory warranty that is provided when you purchase a new Yamaha outboard. You can extend this warranty by 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on your needs.

    Yamaha Protection Plus does not cover failures resulting from:
    • Commercial or Rental Usage
    • Racing or competition
    • Modification of original parts
    • Installation or use of non-authorized parts or accessories
    • Use of lubricants, oil and fuel oil mixture other than those recommended in the owners manual
    • Accidents
    • Collision or theft damage
    • Submersion
    • Fire
    • Cosmetic damage - scratches, dents, fading, flaking, peeling, etc
    • Normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance
    • Abuse or neglect
    • Improper storage
    • Corrosion
    • Improper installation
    • Set-up, propeller selection
    • Incorrect break-in and storage
    • Growth of marine organisms on motor surfaces
    The following parts are not covered:
    • Oil, lubes, spark plugs, shear pins, propellers, belts, hubs, fuel and oil filters, electric brushes
    • Water pump impeller
    • Sacrificial anodes
    • Light bulbs, filters and fuses
    • Haul-out, launch or storage charges
    • Peripheral equipment included with the motor, such as gauges, fuel tanks and hoses, remote control box, wiring external to the motor
    • Top and bottom cowling
    • Rubber components, such as hoses, tubes, rubber seals, fittings and clamps.
  • Yamaha Factory Warranty
Date printed: January 17, 2019

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* Sales Tax included. Rebate (if any) and Down Payment applied after tax.
MSRP does not include freight, PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) and pre-rigging (boats). Dealer may sell for less. See your local dealer for out the door pricing.

Prices and finance options are shown on an informative basis only and are subject to change. Dealers may sell for less. Finance options are available on approved credit only to qualified customers. The information provided above is an estimate of what a dealer might charge in a representative transaction and may not reflect the terms and conditions of your financing agreement with the dealer. This is not a direct financing offer, purchase option or other type of transaction. Not all customers will be eligible for the interest rates shown. Rates and terms offered may vary depending on credit worthiness, length of term and amount financed. You may have to pay certain fees before the beginning of the term including, but not limited to: PPSA filing fee, administrative fee, security deposit, taxes on applicable items and any additional charges imposed by your local dealer. Some other restrictions and conditions may apply. Contact your local dealer for full details.

Conquer Water

The F90 is a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder outboard that offers you the perfect blend of power, versatility, efficiency and ease of use. And it's amazingly clean: it's got a three-star CARB rating and exceeds emissions standards.

Precise Trolling Control

Adjust trolling speeds in 50-rpm increments simply by pushing a button on the optional Command Link tachometer or the VTS - switch on the optional multifunction tiller handle.

Responsive Power

The overhead camshaft design efficiently exchanges intake and exhaust gases for responsive power and fuel efficiency.

Single Throttle Valve

Air entering the engine block is routed through a single throttle valve, to ensure the precise amount of air necessary for optimum power and fuel efficiency. It then enters each cylinder through individual long intake tracks, which are "pulse tuned" to provide air at the precise volume and timing for maximum density and power.


Multi-port precision electronic fuel injection on the F90 delivers the optimal fuel/air mix to each cylinder.


The tiller handle models come standard with Yamaha's Variable Trolling Speed feature, allowing the operator to stay on the fish by selecting the preferred rpm (in 50 rpm increments) within a range of 620-900 rpm!


A top-mounted flywheel keeps sensitive electrical components out of the water.


An ECM (Engine Control Module) adjusts timing to maintain optimum engine performance, economy and reliability in all conditions.


The double overhead cam design on the F75 and up features fewer moving parts compared to a conventional single overhead cam design for greater reliability.


Available on F30 through F60, and optional on F75 through F115, the multi-function tiller handle gives you fingertip control of starting, shifting, steering and throttle.
Engine Type
1596cc (97ci)
Bore & Stroke
79x81.4mm (3.11x3.2in)
RPM Range
Compression Ratio
Induction System
Alternator Output
25 Amps
Fuel Delivery
TCI microcomputer
Wet sump
Degree of Trim/Tilt
-4° through +16°/70°
Through Prop
Water/Thermostatic Control
Gear Shift
Gear Ratio
11:25 (2.27)
Fuel & Lubrication
Recommended Fuel
Regular Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 87)
Recommended Oil
Yamalube 4-M FC-W 10W-30 or 20W-40
Oil Capacity
4.5L (4.8 qt)
Shaft Length
20" - 25"
Dry Weight
166kg (366 lb)
Every attempt has been made to showcase Canadian versions of our products, but all images, information and specifications may not be exact and are subject to change without notice. Some models may be shown with optional accessories.

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4.99% $324.03 $588.06 $852.09 $1,116.12 $1,380.15
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11.99% $708.26 $1,356.51 $2,004.77 $2,653.03 $3,301.28
14.99% $877.83 $1,695.66 $2,513.48 $3,331.31 $4,194.14
Total Credit Charges in this table are for illustration purposes and include RDPRM fees. Actual Credit charges will vary based on loan term, amount financed and any optional insurance selected. See your Dealer for details.