Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!


Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!


Yamaha Performance Damper

/// FAQ - Quick Facts

Q. What is a Performance Damper? (Here-after referred to as the 'PD')

A. Quite simply, the PD is a highly specialized HPG / oil shock-absorber which incorporates a negative spring and unique internal assembly.

Q. What is the purpose of the PD?

A. The PD is designed to dampen several elements of chassis vibration and body movement (deflection) resulting in a more consistent, comfortable, controlled ride characteristics.

Q. What is the Yamaha relationship to the PD?

A. The PD was engineered by Yamaha over a decade ago primarily for application in automobiles to improve both handling (stability, precision, agility) and comfort. Yamaha holds several patents relating to the design and application of the PD, maintaining control over the use of the product.

Q. How does the PD function?

A. The PD is commonly applied in pairs. By spanning the chassis horizontally, on both the front and rear, the PD can effectively control the vibrations that resonate within the metal structures of the frame and body. The PD will also dampen lower frequency deflection (torsion and bend) as the chassis reacts to suspension loads, cornering forces and other energy input.

Q. How can the PD function when there are no visible pivot points or movement?

A. The actual movement of the PD is very small, measured within millimeters or in some cases microns. The PD effectively stops the reverberation of the energy throughout the frame, limiting their cumulative effect on the vehicle.

Q. Will a stiffer, more rigid chassis not do the same thing as a PD?

A. No. A more rigid platform does improve suspension function and reduce some body movement but there is compromise found in agility and comfort. Certain vibrations and elements controlled by the PD still exist. The benefits provided through the application of the PD system are quite consistent over a wide range of vehicle types and designs.

Q. What vehicles now come equipped with the PD?

A. Currently the PD is being applied to select models by several car manufactures both large and small. The PD was initially introduced on 'high-end' premium vehicles and of late, has been seeing more use in the mid-size and economy class as the number of PD equipped vehicles steadily grows. Yamaha has also applied the PD to the super-scooter 'T-Max' as an option using the name 'Power Beam' and is in negotiations with several more companies who are quite interested in using it on additional vehicles.

Q. What is the benefit to a snowmobile in using the PD?

A. Yamaha only recently began testing versions of the PD system on snowmobiles and the early results are quite promising. Everyone who has tried a PD equipped sled has felt a noticeable change to the ride characteristics (for the better). Unlike automobiles, snowmobile engineers have never focused on chassis damping in the past. At best, the chassis designs have reflected greater rigidity to help limit flex making the suspension systems more consistent and effective but no effort has gone towards vibration and resonant energy management – until now. Yamaha will continue testing the PD this coming season to clearly identify all the attributes brought to snowmobiles.