Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!


Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!


Yamaha Performance Damper

/// Benefits

The benefits to chassis damping are many. Some things are subtle and others more apparent. The simple closing of the door can be transformed from a reverberating bang to a solid ‘ca-thunk’. Passengers find the damped chassis to offer up greater comfort and find they can relax easier, feeling more isolated from the drive. People who are prone to car-sickness (motion sickness) have found the PD lessens or eliminates the nauseous sensations altogether. For the audiophile, the PD has proven, by way of cancelled vibrations and lower noise, to enhance the sound output of the audio system. The benefits common to all applications is realized in less vibration, reduced noise, reduced ‘flex’ and movement with improvements to both handling and comfort. The Performance Damper provides additional stability without any loss of agility which is quite often the compromise with stiffer, more rigid chassis designs. For the driver, you will feel a change in the steering, which becomes more precise. There is less vibration coming through the touch points of steering wheel, pedals and floor boards. The engine sound becomes smoother and the interior - quieter. Likely the most notable in driver feedback is found in rough, bumpy corners where the reduced deflection really translates into increased precision as the vehicle holds its line much better. There have even been reports of improvements to fuel economy from the ability to carry greater speed through the corners.

Snowmobile is the very latest application of the Yamaha chassis damping system. The damper calibration is being selected with an eye on cold weather performance with only small incremental movement. Theoretically the PD yields the equivalent improvements to all chassis designs in automobile. In other words it will produce the same % of improvement regardless of the current performance level of the vehicle. In snowmobile, it is thought this percentage of improvement will be greater than that found in the automobile application, because the mass loading - damping effects are not as apparent in a sled. Chassis deflection and vibration isolation has received very little attention from snowmobile engineers in the past. Early evaluations of the PD on Yamaha snowmobiles, has demonstrated several desirable benefits. Increased stability, reduced ski lift and greater steering precision all result in more rider enjoyment and confidence to discover the full potential of the machine. The effect can be felt clearly from the point of clutch engagement through acceleration and dramatically as the sled is pitched into a rutted corner.

The greatest benefit of the snowmobile chassis damper is felt in rough, bumpy corners where the handling improvement is profound. ‘Snap-roll’, the sudden lift and drop of the inside ski, is greatly reduced. Handling in choppy to smooth corners also result in more precise turn-in and consequently it is easier to carry more speed through to exit. The steering becomes more neutral with less feedback being transmitted through the handle bars which is less tiring on the rider during long days on the trail.

Yamaha test riders all reported similar results from the damper system which under the traditional Yamaha rating system, indicates that any rider given some basic snowmobile experience, will be able to feel the difference in handling. Further testing and development is underway to determine and measure all the potential of this new technology for snowmobiles.