OptiMate TEST Cranking and Alternator Tester

OptiMate TEST Cranking and Alternator Tester



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The ultimate pocket tester for on-vehicle battery performance and alternator voltage testing that every service technician or gear head should have.

  • Easy to use
  • Connect clips to the battery or connect to an installed SAE battery lead
  • Checks battery charge level - a low battery cranks (starts engine) poorly
  • Records and indicates (for 20 sec) the lowest start volts after starting engine
  • Verifies charging voltage from alternator and voltage regulator while engine is running
  • Low charge voltage causes poor battery performance and too high charge voltage causes excessive gassing and will eventually damage a lead-acid battery
  • Microprocessor accuracy
  • Easy to follow instructions on rear panel of the tester
  • Industry standard SAE 2-pin connector
  • 40" battery clip set
  • Fully sealed

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