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Soft Side Cover
Wind Deflector
Folding Windshield
Rear Window
Assault Industries Bomber Side Mirror Set
Assault Industries Centre Mount Mirror
Assault Industries Bomber Side Mirror Set
Assault Industries Explorer Mirror
1.75" Mounting Clamps
Rear Cargo Box
Kolpin® Pro Gear Grips
Kolpin® Quick-Release Gear Grips

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  • YPP Details & Restrictions

    /// YPP for Side by Side

    Yamaha Protection Plus coverage for a side by side extends the factory warranty that is provided when you purchase a new Yamaha side by side. You can extend this warranty by 12, 24, 36 or 48 months, depending on your needs.

    Yamaha Protection Plus does not cover failures resulting from:
    • Commercial or Rental Usage
    • Racing or competition
    • Modification of original parts
    • Installation or use of non-authorized parts or accessories
    • Use of lubricants, oil and fuel oil mixture other than those recommended in the owner's manual
    • Accidents
    • Collision, impact or theft damage
    • Submersion
    • Fire
    • Normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance
    • Abuse or neglect
    • Improper storage
    • Corrosion
    • Flat towing
    • Cosmetic damage - scratches, dents, fading, flaking, peeling, etc.
    The following parts are not covered:
    • Clutch plates and facings
    • Drive belts
    • Batteries
    • Sealed beams, light bulbs, fuses, electric brushes
    • High tension cables, spark plugs
    • Oil, lubes, filters
    • Brake pads
    • Tires
    • Seats
    • Frame
    • Rims
    • Box liners
    • Winch components
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Electric Power Steering comes standard on all YXZ1000RSS models to provide easy steering of the 27" Maxxis tires . Fully adjustable FOX 2.5 Podium RC2 shocks provide incredible suspension performance offering 16" of travel out front and 17" in the rear.


There is no shortage of power produced by the 998 cc, 3 cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. The 5-speed sequential transmission with automatic clutch and paddle shifters creates a whole new level of machine and driver connection.


A full length skid plate, front and rear sway bars, LED tights and adjustable driver's seat are just a few of the features to make the YXZ1000RSS the most sport-oriented Side-by-Side offered.

Key Improvements for 2018

  • New, warning buzzer for engine over heat, parking brake & seat belts
  • New, rear A-arm guard
  • New, easier to use seat belt design
  • Door springs have been eliminated for easier entry & exit


  • 998cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line triple with 10,500 rpm redline produces serious torque & horsepower.
  • Electric starting.
    • includes auto decompression system for fast, easy starts
  • DOHC 4-valve cylinder head design with 11.3:1 compression ratio.
    • 2-intake (31 mm) & 2-exhaust (26 mm) valves provide maximum breathing efficiency
    • cylinder head design provides a compact combustion chamber
    • shim under bucket valve actuation for extended valve adjustment intervals
  • Lightweight, high performance hollow camshafts.
    • cam profiles provide excellent torque & horsepower in the mid to high rpm range
  • Lightweight, short skirt forged aluminum pistons & nut-less connecting rods.
    • lightweight design (piston & con rod) means faster throttle response & less mechanical vibration
  • Single axis coupling force balancer shaft.
    • reduces engine vibration for excellent rider comfort
  • 41 mm Mikuni throttle body fuel injection system with triple throttle bodies, TPS & ISC.
    • TPS (throttle position sensor) is used to more precisely calculate the fuel injection quantity for optimum power & excellent throttle response at all rpms
    • ISC (Idle speed control) helps ensure a steady idle even during warm up
    • other fuel injection benefits include; excellent throttle response, choke-free starting, good fuel economy & reduced emissions
  • High mounted, high capacity air box with dual air filters.
    • dual filters; primary "oiled" foam filter & secondary viscous paper filter for maximum engine protection
    • washable primary foam filter features too—free access for fast servicing
    • no tools required air box drain
  • Yamaha's "Sport Shift" sequential 5-speed manual transmission featuring Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S) technology with automatic clutch & paddle shifters.
    • centre console mounted forward / neutral / reverse shift lever
    • steering wheel mounted dual paddle shifters (right side for upshifts; left side for downshifts)
    • advanced automatic clutch system replaces clutch pedal... clutch is electrically activated
    • special launch system (when activated) allows for high-speed take-offs providing maximum acceleration & excitement
    • "stop mode" automatically shifts down to 1st gear when coming to a full stop
    • low maintenance prop shaft with easy service U-joints links engine with transmission
    • manual transmission delivers up to 20% more efficiency than most CVTs
    • cam dampers on input & output shafts reduce driveline shock
  • Optimized flywheel design.
    • flywheel helps dampen engine vibration & improves "drive-ability" at lower rpms
  • Shaft drives.
    • easy to service front driveshaft with front differential overload protection
    • low maintenance inline rear driveshaft eliminates the need for U-Joints.
    • front & rear CV drive shafts feature heavy duty rubber boots to protect the CV joints for extended service life & durability
  • Super convenient, servo motor controlled, On-Command 4WD drive mode system.
    • On-Command drive system features 3 modes: 2wd, 4wd limited slip & 4wd differential lock
    • On-Command drive system lets you select the best mode for the conditions... not the machine
    • 4wd differential lock provides equal power to all 4 wheels for maximum traction and "bite"
  • High capacity cooling system with electric cooling fan.
    • high efficiency, thermostat controlled cooling system with automatic recovery system
    • rad is positioned high in the frame for protection
    • over heat warning buzzer
  • Dry sump lubrication system with liquid-cooled oil cooler & baffled oil tank.
    • dry sump design means a very shallow oil pan allowing the engine to be placed lower in the frame for optimum handling with maximum ground clearance
    • liquid-cooled oil cooler helps maintain consistent oil & engine temperatures for optimum performance & extended engine life
    • spin-on type oil filter
  • Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI).
    • produces a strong spark for fast starts
    • precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms
  • Direct ignition coils & high-output magneto.
    • ignition coils built into the sealed plug caps, significantly reducing weight & complexity
    • magneto output 472W @ 5000r/min
  • Performance tuned 3 into 1 exhaust system with equal length header pipes, 3-way catalyzer & cleanable spark arrestor.
    • tuned, equal length header pipes for maximum power
    • spark arrestor prevents stray sparks from exiting the exhaust
    • honey comb style, 3-way catalyzer reduces harmful exhaust emissions
    • stainless steel design helps prevent rusting
  • Air Injection System (AIS) injects fresh air into exhaust ports to fully burn any unburnt fuel, reducing exhaust emissions.
  • Marine grade connectors on key electrical components.


  • Rugged round tube, steel frame with ROPS.
    • compact design provides nimble, responsive handling & excellent terrain-ability
    • ROPS roll over protection structure (ANSI / ROHVA — 1 — 2011)
  • Full under frame protection with easy access for key service items.
    • underside of unit is fully protected by a total of 5 — Thermo Plastic Olefin skid plates
    • TPO is the best material for impact resistance, flexibility & wear
    • quick remove mid-section skid plate
    • oil, coolant & oil filter access points for easy oil changes
    • skid plate design enhances terrain ability by allowing unit to slide more easily over obstacles
  • Speed sensitive, rack & pinion-type, Electric Power Steering (EPS) with adjustable steering wheel.
    • significantly reduces steering effort resulting in less rider fatigue & improved rider comfort
    • speed sensitive system; more assist at slower speeds, less assist at higher speeds for optimum control
    • reduces trail feedback through the steering wheel when a wheel strikes an obstacle
    • adjustable steering wheel tilt (147 mm / 5.8" range) to accommodate a wide variety of users
    • fully sealed EPS system (electrics & gears)
  • Fully adjustable, independent double wishbone front suspension with premium Fox 2.5 Podium® RC2 shocks® & anti-sway bar.
    • fully adjustable, long stroke FOX high pressure nitrogen charged piggyback shocks with dual rate springs, allows you to tailor suspension settings to suit YOUR riding preferences or riding conditions
    • front shock adjustments include threaded spring preload, high speed compression damping, low speed compression damping & rebound damping
    • anti-sway bar controls / limits body roll for optimum handling & enhanced rider confidence
    • 410 mm (16.1") of front wheel travel
  • Fully adjustable, independent wishbone rear suspension with premium Fox 2.5 Podium® RC2 shocks® & anti-sway bar.
    • fully adjustable, long stroke FOX high pressure nitrogen charged piggyback shocks with dual rate springs
    • rear shock adjustments include threaded spring preload, high speed compression damping, low speed compression damping & rebound damping
    • anti-sway bar controls / limits body roll for optimum handling & enhanced rider confidence
    • 430 mm (16.9") of rear wheel travel
    • rear A-arm guard helps protect the A-arm & paint for debris blast from the rear wheels
    • special design long A-arms for optimum suspension stroke & camber angle
  • 330 mm (13") of ground clearance.
  • Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.
    • dual 245 mm (9.6") front rotors squeezed by twin piston calipers
    • dual 245 mm (9.6") rear rotors squeezed by twin piston calipers
    • pads feature wear indicator grooves for visual pad wear inspection
    • excellent brake power, feeling & control
  • Rugged aluminum mag wheels & high-performance 27" MAXXIS Bighorn 2 tires.
    • tire design enhances steering precision, ride comfort, traction & durability
    • optimized rim offsets enhance handling & provide a nimble yet stable feel
    • 27" size increases ground clearance
  • 34 litre fuel tank.
    • low fuel warning indicator light in multi-function meter
  • LCD multi-function meter assembly.
    • large analogue tach
    • all remaining functions are digital including; speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, hour meter, clock, voltage display, adjustable shift light, transmission gear indicator, On-Command mode status
    • various warning lights plus an on board self —diagnosis function
    • speedo can be switched between kilometers or miles per hour
  • Roomy 2-person seating with 3-point seat belts, adjustable driver's seat & adjustable passenger hand hold.
    • contoured high back bucket seats provide excellent support & all day riding comfort
    • quick adjust driver seat with 90 mm (3.5") of fore — aft adjustment, no tools required
    • shoulder bolsters offer support & help ensure driver & passenger stay inside the vehicle in the event of a roll over
    • high grip floor surface
    • 3-position adjustable passenger hand hold for additional security, confidence & comfort
  • East latch, roto-molded plastic doors & special shoulder bolsters.
    • added security & comfort for driver & passengers
    • doors helps reduce mud & water splash from entering the cockpit
    • shoulder bolsters help ensure driver & passenger stay inside the vehicle in the event of a roll over
  • Storage compartments & drink holders.
    • glove box, centre dash board & rear cargo bed storage compartments
    • dual drink holders
  • Convenient, 12 volt DC outlet.
    • dash board mounted 10 amp / 120 watt, 12 volt DC outlet for GPS, cell phone, etc..
  • Lightweight polypropylene "fixed" cargo bed with 136 kg / 300 lb. capacity.
    • durable composite design resists corrosion
    • 4 - tie down points to secure cargo
    • sealed cargo bed storage compartment
  • Polypropylene sun top.
    • protection from the elements... sun, rain or snow
  • LED headlights & tail light.
    • 4 - LED headlights for excellent illumination, reduced power consumption & extended service life
    • single LED taillight with brake light
  • Aggressive body design.
    • injection-molded body components resist damage
    • slant low nose design provides excellent visibility of the terrain ahead
  • Low maintenance, sealed battery (battery should be charged during extended storage).
    • convenient under hood location for protection & accessibility
    • sealed design means no leaks & never having to add distilled water
998cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, triple
Bore and Stroke
80 mm x 66.2 mm
Compression Ratio
11.3: 1
Fuel Delivery
Triple, 41 mm throttle body F.I.
Dry sump
YCC-S equipped 5-speed sequential manual transmission with reverse & auto clutch / paddle shifters / On-Command® (2WD, 4WD limited slip and 4WD diff-lock
Final Drives
Suspension (Front)
Fully adjustable, independent double wishbone with anti-sway bar / 410 mm (16.2") of wheel travel / Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 piggyback shocks
Suspension (Rear)
Fully adjustable, independent double wishbone with anti-sway bar / 432mm (17") of wheel travel / FOX 2.5 Podium RC2, piggyback shocks
Brakes (Front)
Dual 245 mm discs / twin piston calipers
Brakes (Rear)
Dual 245mm discs / twin piston calipers
Tires (Front)
Maxxis, 27 x 9-14 / Aluminum mag wheels
Tires (Rear)
Maxxis, 27 x 11-14 / Aluminum mag wheels
Critical Data
3,121 mm (122.9'')
1,626 mm (64'')
1,834 mm (72.2'')
2,300 mm (90.6'')
Turning radius
6 m (236.2'')
Tread (front)
1,397 mm (55")
Tread (rear)
1,346 mm (53")
Ground Clearance
330 mm (13'')
Fuel Capacity
34 litres (7.5 Imp. gal)
641 kg (1,413 lb)
Bed Capacity
136 kg (300 lb)
Private use - 1 year (unlimited mileage)
Commercial use - 6 months (unlimited mileage)
Dark Gray
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