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The Act provides a warranty on the goods you purchase or lease : they must be usable for normal use for a reasonable length of time.
The Consumer Protection Act gives a warranty on all goods you purchase or lease from a merchant.

The goods must be useable:

  • For the purposes for which they are ordinarily used (section 37 of the Act) and
  • In normal use for a reasonable length of time, which may vary according to the price paid, the terms of the contract and the conditions of use (section 38 of the Act).
For more information on this legal warranty, go to the website of the Office de la protection du comsommateur at

Most Yamahas are protected by a factory warranty, but you may want a little extra peace of mind. We Get You.

No one offers superior engineering, style and performance like Yamaha. That´s why we stand behind our products with the industry´s best warranty coverage and our own extended coverage plan, Yamaha Protection Plus (YPP).

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YPP gives you the option to extend your factory warranty, depending on your product and requirements (some purchases may not be eligible for YPP). Combined with Yamaha's unsurpassed reputation for reliability, YPP provides you with the peace of mind and protection you deserve.


While other plans bog you down in the details, factory-backed YPP gives you bulletproof protection from the unexpected. And it's as simple to use and understand as your Yamaha factory warranty.


YPP is there whether your repair is a few dollars or a few thousand.


Under YPP, Yamaha picks up the entire cost to repair every applicable manufacturing defect.


YPP takes over automatically - and immediately - when your factory warranty expires.


Your YPP warranty is transferable, increasing the value of your Yamaha if you decide to sell or trade.


Since we already know your Yamaha, there's no need for you to fill out lengthy claim forms. Your YPP information is available at every authorized Yamaha dealer across Canada.


Purchase years of YPP coverage at a fraction of what a single major repair costs. You can also use the Yamaha Financial Services program to finance this coverage.


Yamaha is ready to step in to make necessary repairs (excluding those due to normal wear or aging) using genuine Yamaha parts and factory authorized technicians for the full duration of your coverage.

  • YPP Details & Restrictions

    /// YPP for Motorcycles & Scooters

    Yamaha Protection Plus coverage for motorcycles extends the factory warranty that is provided when you purchase a new Yamaha motorcycle. You can extend this warranty by 12, 24, 36 or 48 months, depending on your needs.

    Yamaha Protection Plus does not cover failures resulting from:
    • Commercial or Rental Usage
    • Racing or competition
    • Modification of original parts
    • Installation or use of non-authorized parts or accessories
    • Use of lubricants, oil and fuel oil mixture other than those recommended in the owner's manual
    • Accidents
    • Collision or theft damage
    • Submersion
    • Fire
    • Cosmetic damage - scratches, dents, fading, flaking, peeling, etc.
    • Normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance
    • Abuse or neglect
    • Improper storage
    • Corrosion
    The following parts are not covered:
    • Drive chains
    • Clutch plates and facings
    • Drive belts
    • Brake pads
    • Tires
    • Oil, lubes, spark plugs, high tension cables, batteries, filters and fuses
    • Seat
    • Frame
  • Yamaha Factory Warranty
Date printed: February 19, 2018

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Prices and finance options are shown on an informative basis only and are subject to change. Dealers may sell for less. Finance options are available on approved credit only to qualified customers. The information provided above is an estimate of what a dealer might charge in a representative transaction and may not reflect the terms and conditions of your financing agreement with the dealer. This is not a direct financing offer, purchase option or other type of transaction. Not all customers will be eligible for the interest rates shown. Rates and terms offered may vary depending on credit worthiness, length of term and amount financed. You may have to pay certain fees before the beginning of the term including, but not limited to: PPSA filing fee, administrative fee, security deposit, taxes on applicable items and any additional charges imposed by your local dealer. Some other restrictions and conditions may apply. Contact your local dealer for full details.

Conquer Road

The all new SMAX scooter is a surprising little performer. It is both fun and easy to ride and can carry a passenger too. Its sporty design begins to hint at its full capabilities. Whether zipping around town or hitting the open road, the 155cc single cylinder SMAX can easily keep up with traffic. And it is virtually vibration free with lots of wind and weather protection too. If you are looking for fun, affordable transportation the fully automatic SMAX is waiting to impress you too.


All new 155cc, 4-valve, fuel injected single with a catalyzer equipped exhaust system provides very peppy performance. Even as the 9,500 rpm redline approaches on the centrally located tachometer, the engine remains quiet and virtually vibration free. It is a great "all round" commuter bike that can be ridden at 100 km /hr. comfortably.

The Extras

Hidden under the comfortable 2 person seat is a large 32 litre storage area capable of holding an open face or half helmet plus a rain suit and a laptop computer. Front & rear disc brakes provide solid stopping power while the bright halogen headlight surrounded by LED position lights and brilliant LED tail light add extra visibility in traffic.


  • All new, 155cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, fuel injected, 4-stroke, single produces solid, predictable power and good fuel economy.
  • Fan-assisted, liquid-cooling maintains consistent engine temperatures, even while idling at stoplights or in stop and go traffic for maximum efficiency and extended engine life.
  • Fast, dependable push button electric starting
  • Maintenance-free TCI (transistor controlled) ignition provides a precise, high-voltage spark for seamless engine performance, sure starts and excellent reliability.
  • Four valve cylinder head design utilizes two intake valves and two exhaust valves for maximum breathing efficiency and great power output. Valves are operated by friction reducing roller rocker arms which also help to reduce mechanical engine noise.
  • Both the intake and exhaust valves feature a special "carbon cutter" design which removes any carbon build up from the valve stems, keeping the engine operating at maximum efficiency, even during extended slow speed use (carbon build up on the valve stems can lead to sticky valves and poor performance).
  • Lightweight, aluminium cylinder features ceramic composite plating on the cylinder bore which insures uniform heat dissipation, reduced friction and reduced weight.
  • Lightweight forged aluminium piston is used to provide fast engine response while a carburized connecting rod provides excellent strength and durability.
  • Gear driven balancer shaft reduces engine vibration to a minimum for a super smooth ride... even at higher speeds and high rpms.
  • A wet sump-type oil delivery system is utilized. A special centrifugal oil filtering system is used. This system removes any particles found in the oil and never requires cleaning or maintenance.
  • Automatic cam chain tensioner reduces engine mechanical noise and maintenance time
  • 30mm Throttle body fuel injection system features a single 6 hole fuel injector providing crisp throttle response, reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Other fuel injection benefits include no choke starting or idle adjustment to fuss with... it is all controlled automatically.
  • "Closed loop fuel injection system" which means there is an oxygen sensor in the exhaust that monitors the exhaust emissions and constantly regulates / adjusts the fuel/air mixture for reduced emissions and optimum performance.
  • Easy access, oil coated paper-type air filter is used. Airbox design makes servicing easy and reduces intake noise.
  • Fully automatic, CVT transmission (constantly variable transmission) ensures easy "twist-the-throttle-and-go operation". There is no hand clutch or gear shifting to worry about. A wide range reduction ratio is used for peppy performance.
  • Stylish muffler contains a catalytic converter to reduce harmful hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide exhaust emissions. The muffler produces a quiet exhaust note and features heat shields to protect rider and passenger from hot components.


  • Rugged "underbone-style" steel frame makes getting on & off the SMAX easy. Electrostatic paint process helps to prevent corrosion.
  • High tech, triangulated lightweight aluminum swingarm
  • Trailing axle, 33mm hydraulic front fork delivers good bump-absorbing performance and comfort. Wheel travel is 79mm (3.1").
  • Horizontally mounted single shock Monocross rear suspension. The horizontal positioning of the shock helps lower the centre of gravity for lighter, more agile handling. Wheel travel is 93mm (3.7").
  • 267mm wave-style front disc brake with twin piston caliper provides excellent stopping power.
  • 245mm rear disc brake features a single piston caliper for strong stopping power.
  • Rugged, yet lightweight, die cast aluminium, 13 inch, 5-spoke "mag style" wheels are fitted with wide, aggressive tubeless tires.
  • Roomy, dual texture, two-person seat ensures excellent rider and passenger comfort. Cool "touch to open" passenger footpegs.
  • Ultra convenient, locking, 32 litre under seat storage compartment can hold most open face and all ½ helmets and a rain suit or other items like a laptop etc.
  • There are 2 - special helmet holder "pins" under the front of the seat that can be used to store and secure 2 helmets. The helmets remain on the outside of the seat but can't be removed since the straps are locked under the seat.
  • 7.5 litre fuel tank features an integrated electric fuel pump.
  • Easy access, front fairing mounted gas cap locks for peace of mind
  • Multifunction, 3 in 1 main key switch combines the ignition, fork lock and under seat storage compartment lock into one convenient switch. This switch also features an anti-theft "shutter" that can be closed to prevent someone from tampering with or attempting to force the ignition switch.
  • Specially designed polycarbonate windshield reduces buffing and the "vacuum effect" at higher speeds. It is scratch resistant
  • Stylish, single 60/55-watt, multi-reflector, halogen headlight maximizes visibility and illumination. Headlight can be adjusted right & left and up & down.
  • Eye catching LED position lights are located below the main headlight to make the rider and machine more visible in traffic.
  • Full-size floorboards and wide front apron provide excellent splash and wind protection as well as highlighting the SMAX's sports styling.
  • Comprehensive, sporty instrument panel includes centrally mounted analog tachometer, digital speedometer, odometer and tripmeter. Other features include a clock, fuel gauge, plus a range of warning lights. There is even an oil change tripmeter to track oil change intervals.


  • Handy front mounted storage pocket is perfect for small items like a cell phone or wallet.
  • Front mounted fold out hook for additional carrying convenience, perfect for bags & handbags
  • Brilliant LED rear tail light
  • Extra-long rear fender extension reduces road splash
  • Easy-to-use centre and side stands
  • Easy access oil level dip stick
  • Side reflectors enhance visibility
  • Locking gas cap
  • Low maintenance, sealed battery
4-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, single
Bore and Stroke
58 x 58.7 mm
Compression Ratio
11 : 1
Maximum Torque
1.4 kg-m (10 ft-lb) @ 6,000 rpm
Fuel Delivery
30 mm Throttle body fuel injection
Estimated Fuel Consumption±
34.3kpl / 96.9mpg (Imp.)
Wet Sump
Ignition / Starting
TCI / Electric Start
Fully automatic CVT
Final Drive
V-belt / Spur gear
Suspension (Front)
33 mm trailing axle fork
Suspension (Rear)
Single shock Monocross
Brakes (Front)
267 mm disc / twin piston
Brakes (Rear)
245 mm disc / single piston
Tires (Front)
Tires (Rear)
Critical Data
2,030 mm (78'')
715 mm (28.1'')
1,295 mm (51'')
1,405 mm (55.3'')
Ground Clearance
90 mm (3.5")
Seat Height
795 mm (31.3'')
Fuel Capacity
7.4 litres (1.6 Imp. gallons)
Wet Weight
149 kg (328.5 lb)
Maximum Load
160 kg (352 lb)
Matte Titan
Dark Purplish Metallic Blue
Every attempt has been made to showcase Canadian versions of our products, but all images, information and specifications may not be exact and are subject to change without notice. Some models may be shown with optional accessories.

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